Expose additional Vizio controls as services or a new component?

I have made some improvements to the pyvizio component to add support for settings I’d like to control on my vizio tvs, and I’d like to contribute them back to home-assistant in the best way I can.

A couple of the settings I want to expose do not fit the options for a media_player: picture mode settings and sleep timer settings.

What’s the best way to expose those controls to home-assistant? I see a couple of different ways that this has been done for other components:

  1. Apple TV has both a media_player component and a top-level component. Media player controls go through media player component but other configuration is controlled via the top-level component.

  2. Kodi exposes additional services on the media_player component itself, which allows you to script commands against the kodi rpc endpoint.

  3. The apple_tv top-level component has hooks for helping you pair the apple tv and home assistant in the UI, which is currently a manual (command-line) process for vizio tvs. It would be nice to expose the pairing for vizio tvs in the UI as well. Does that require a top-level component or can that be done as a media_player as well?

Any direction would be nice here, I’m happy to do whatever is more acceptable to the community.

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So no replies to this?
I thought there was a backed developer base… Did you ever find the solution - I hope?