Expose Amazon discovered devices to Home Assistant

I have several devices that are linked to my Alexa account via a skill but I want to control these devices via HA. Currently have using scripts to control them with Alexa Media Player but it’s a little clunky.

Is there a way to expose these device to HA and get the statuses? These are cover devices using and I’d like to know when they are closed, opened, etc.

Through Alexa? You’re already doing the best you can. Amazon is a walled garden m they really don’t want other people being able to act as controllers.

If the device can be direct controlled by HA, maybe. What are they? Exact model number matters in Home Automation.

Hi NathanCU - the devices are Schneider Electric shutters attached through the Merten Wiser Home Touch. I have a skill enabled in Alexa that exposes them to the Alexa environment. I can send “commands” to them which mostly works but I’d like to know when they are open, closed, etc. like all my other devices. I don’t want to remove the Wiser from the system and it might be needed by the next occupant.

I’ve tested direct connecting to the HA and it sort of works but I lose the ability to control position. This is set by “run time” in the actual device. A simple timer.

The issue is if you control by the Wiser app or wall switch, then the HA scripts don’t necessarily do what they are supposed to do.

I’m seeing more clever integrations, emulations, etc. and am wondering if this can be done.

Yeah you really can’t do anything going THROUGH Amazon because of the aforementioned issues. It’ll be hacky at best (what you’re experiencing)

Does Weiser HomeTouch have an HA integration instead?

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The Drayton Wiser integration might be an option but currently untested. I have to reset my hub in order to try and “hack” into it. I will try this as it seems the most promising but was just making sure there is no other way.

Thanks for the advice!