Expose entities via yaml

Hello all,

I am a Cloud subscriber, so I am able to change which entities will show in Google and Alexa via yaml. How do I change which entities are exposed to Assist via yaml? I cannot seem to get it working.



In the UI you simply select them …

I can only assume you haven’t given your entities unique ID’s which would allow you to make this change from the UI.

I understand how the UI works, I just don’t like using the UI. Things configured in yaml can always be moved between Home Assistant instances without using back-up. Everything configured through the UI is only safe when backed up. I use Home Assistant via docker, which makes backups not available. This way the configuration via the UI will be lost in a crash.

Just zip up the config directory - that’s all you need for a backup.

As for doing it in plain YAML I just did a grep in my .storage and it looks like this is what you need :

          "conversation": {
            "should_expose": true

Thank you for your reply. I think we are both talking about something else.

See Nabu Casa docs: Google Assistant configuration

As you can see here, on the bottom of the page, for Google/Alexa you are able to config your entities/domains and choose which entities/domains to expose and which not. It also gives you the option to give entities aliases amongst other things.

I want to do this for Assist as well, the same way. As the yaml code for this is the same for HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant, it would be great to add Assist to this list as well.