Expose fan speed control to Google assistant

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Google has enabled an API to configure and control fan speeds. Requesting an update to take advantage of this API.


Looks like the entity class was changed to Fan in 0.82, will do some testing to see if that was all we needed!

Doesn’t seem to be working. No speed control, just on / off control via voice, but no control at all via the Google Home App.

Fan speed was added in PR 18373.

The code is merged to Dev and works.
I noticed that the Google assistant UI doesn’t show the speeds but the voice commands work.


Is there a way to make it work with the UI of the Google Home App?

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Has anyone has made to control the speed in the Google Assistant?
Using Nabu Casa or manual integration, Google Home/Assistant only sees it as a simple switch.
Relevant info: I’m using a Jasco GE ZWave Plus 3-speed fan controller with the lastest version of HA.

This has been available for a long time. I have the same controllers and am able to set fan speeds via GA.

For whatever reason, I don’t have those controls exposed.
Just off/on.

That’s just the ui. Use the voice commands.

Out of curiosity - have you tested this in any other language than English? E.g. does it work in Spanish or Dutch?