Expose Hydrawise flow sensor to home assistant

I have a Hydrawise sprinkler controller (Pro HC 24 Station)and it has a water flow sensor connected. I was wondering if it would be possible to expose the flow sensor to Home Assistant. I am asking for this because I have several other water consumers attached to the landscape watering system (auto pool filler and pond filler) that are not in a zone in Hydrawise. A few times I have had the float values misbehave and basically pour water down the drain for days on end. I would like to be able to monitor any flow going through the sensor so I can monitor for leaks and excessive water usage.

I’d also love to see this one for very similar reasons. Does anyone have any ideas on how we can get this working?

Would love and need this as well, water usage per or/and while zone is running. total water used per/day/week etc.
Basically what is already available in the hydra wise app regarding flow sensor info and expose that in HA.
I am very grateful for what is available already, awesome job!

I have a memory that the Hunter Hydrawise API that is used in HA does not provide either rain sensor or water sensors. As a consequence I have set up my own local sensors that I monitor and use for automations. I understand that there is an alternative API but I can’t recall whether that has the information.

The hydra wise hardware has only two sensor inputs anyways. mine are already used for the 2 flow meters I have in use so have to switch to the brains of HA to take my irrigation setup a bit further, I would like to setup an automation with several local soil moisture sensors.
@ JulianDH, is that something you have done too? if you are using soil moisture sensors I would like to know if they report accurate enough to find them usable.Not that I am after the exact soil moisture, but close enough to know too water a zone more or less when needed.
I will look up the alternative API you are talking about.

Hello the Hunter Hydrawise APIs are referred here

And on GitHub you can see historic discussion picking up alternative API.

For my set-up I have external HA sensors for network pressure, pump activation and rainwater tank volume and a derivative to show water flow. I do not have soil sensors as my garden is so spread out … with hundreds and hundreds of plants and trees and I prefer to know where is wet and where is dry…so I natively have dry planting areas …in any case my wife tells where it is dry and wet!