Expose Person names as detected

Please add a sensor for any Person that has been recognized ans currently home to hass


is a list of every person in that zone.

Template to get all persons' trackers in zone - #5 by jeffcrum,

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Thank you very much. Ill try that. I am looking for a way to get a list of persons detected by the netatmo cam (face recognition). Therefor i would be able to run automations for people without the hass app.

Are the names or zones available as an attribute? I know there is at least a level of name communication based off the HA website.

The template @Sir_Goodenough shared solved your original question. The template you are looking for needs to be configured based on the information the camera is providing to HA.

Can you provide a picture of the available attributes in Developer Tools?

Thank you for the Reply.
Here is a screenshot.