Expose several ports with Nginx Proxy Manager

tl;dr: How can I expose several ports with Nginx Proxy Manager (npm) but with the same source and same destination address?

My setup to access through the internet:
I am using Home Assistant OS on my Raspberry Pi 4. I can access it from the internet through my own domain which then connects through the Cloudflared Add-On to the Pi. The connection then gets through with npm.

So, the connection to HA through port 8123 works because that is set up. But I want to use more ports. For example, I cannot access npm over the internet because the respective port is not set up in npm. This example applies for other ports as well. Just adding listen 81; in the advanced setup page for the already working entry did not work. Also just saying “use this source and let these ports go to the same ports on the destination” seems to be easier than creating several subdomains.

I wasn’t able to find any documentation to the graphical npm. Tutorials mostly said to edit a file which I cannot find in HA (something in /etc/, if I remember correctly). Even if I check the location of the file where it is supposed to be based on logs, nothing is there.

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