Expose Zigbee2mqtt to Alexa app like ZHA can?

I need a point in the right direction as I’m very confused.

I had a semi-stable ZHA network with the Sky connect that linked to the Alexa app which meant I could use voice commands.

I’m dabbling with z2m to see if it is any more stable (Would need to reset ZHA every couple of days as would cut out)

My question is this, Can z2m be exposed to the Alexa app via a skill or something in a way that would mean I could use my Alexa to turn the device on via voice?

My ZHA network has a skill to the Alexa app that exposes everything, I just can’t find anything to tell me how or if it’s possible with z2m.

I’ve searched but haven’t found anything, sorry if I’ve missed something.


Most any device that is connected to HA can be exposed to Alexa. It’s not dependent on ZHA or Z2M. I also found Z2M more stable, but that’s simply my opinion.

I control the specific devices controlled by my Alexa Skill in the config file

    endpoint: https://api.amazonalexa.com/v3/events
        - cover.pc_curtains
        - cover.bed_curtains
        - cover.tv_curtains
        - media_player.monitor 
        - media_player.tv
        - light.pc_lights
        - light.bed_lights
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Am I supposed to see the devices in the MQTT integration? I’m not able to see any device unless it’s in the Zigbee2MQTT tab on the sidebar. It is not in the MQTT integration either

Yes, you should see devices in the MQTT


What MQTT broker are you using?

The very same. Nothing ever showed up and only ever had 2 devices from the time I started using Z2M

Your other devices are most likely still connected via ZHA.

How many devices do you show under ZHA?

Ahh ok I’ll have to test delete one later and then see if it pairs again. Thanks for the trouble shooting, I’ll let you know how it goes!


Yes sir, you can run ZHA and Z2M simultaneously (not recommended) but devices can only be paired with one coordinator.

I did re-pair and had them working with Z2M (on/off via HA) but still in ZHA (With it disabled) “memory”. Does that make a difference as I know you can’t have 2 controllers?

It does, you need to completely remove it from ZHA to add it to Z2M. ZHA and Z2M running simultaneously need 2 coordinators.

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I’ll have to try that tomorrow. Thank you for your quick help and expertise!

Hit me up if you need help. I’m logging of shortly as well!

Thanks for you help! I was able to trouble shoot with you advice and found out why it didn’t work. Was to do with my .yaml file I think, or I just hit a load of buttons in a make it work combo.

Turned out my Z2M and possible my MQTT wasn’t set up properly. I have been able to disable ZHA without deleting anything in case it didn’t work.

I believe that I didn’t have

homeassistant: true

in my /homeassistant/zigbee2mqtt/configuration.yaml file and seemed to work after I put it in.

Thanks again!

Happy to hear you worked it out!