Exposing a door sensor and lock as 'one door'?

I have a door lock sensor (binary sensor) and door open sensor (contact sensor) both on one door, and wondered if there is any way to combine these as a single ‘door’ entity so that it can be exposed to Alexa?

The idea being i’d be able to say, Alexa is the front door open? and also Alexa is the front door locked? and each would respond with the relevant status.

Is there any way to do this instead of having two devices exposed separately (meaning having two separate but similar names when asking Alexa for the status)

Do you use emulated hue, or nabu casa?

Combine the two into one template sensor and expose that.

Open / closed locked / closed unlocked

I’m using the manual Alexa smart home integration (https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/alexa.smart_home/#create-an-amazon-alexa-smart-home-skill)

Currently I have the door open/close sensor exposed by itself and ‘Alexa is the front door open?’ works ok.

What type / device class does that get exposed as to Alexa? - is there a type that Alexa understands that can recognise it as a door and handle the requests correctly?

Hi, I am not using Alexa myself but I found this list of supported domains.
Maybe Cover, Sensor or even Lock will work…