Exposing Addons or Docker Container to Internet

I hope this is the right channel to ask this question.

I’m currently running Hassio with several addons that I use.
My Hassio instance is exposed to the Internet via one single port - 8123.
All installed addons are accessible from the internet via the sidebar - having configured them in the Supervisor section.

I’m not sure how Hassio expose those addons, as they are containers and mapped to a designated port.

I’ve installed Portainer in order to create a new docker container in my environment (image that doesn’t exists as an addon).
My questions is, how can I expose this container (container is using port 8080) via the Hassio interface as a sidebar option same as other addon containers?
Can this even be achieved?

I understand that a Standalone container-based installation for HomeAssistant is an option, while building the rest of the addons as containers as well.
But, allowing access through port 8123 only adds a layer of security for me as only authenticated users are being granted access to the addons (or containers) installed.



Hi @tomdudu38

Thanks for answering, using iframe I would have to expose another port that the docker image is running
in this case - port 8080.
Since there’s no authentication on the docker image I’m running, it will be widely open to the world.
So that’s not an option for me

sorry, i use a reverse-proxy so only 443 is open here.maybe should use one for security