Exposing custom sensors to Google Assistant

I have 3 sensors I want to expose to Google Assistant, but it doesn’t appear to detect them when I sync devices.

All 3 sensors are included under Settings/Voice assistants/Expose in Home Assistant

I tried extending my configuration.yaml to include the entities explicitly, but that didn’t help either:

    - camera
    - climate
    - script
    - sensor
    - switch
      expose: true
      expose: true
      expose: true

Any suggestions?

If I follow your question correctly. I’ve never gotten any sensor but temperature to be visible in Google Assistant via Nabu Casa. Some have said they have also gotten humidity to be visible, however, I have in years of trying never gotten anything but temperature. At a higher level, I do not think, unless Google has changed in last year, that the universe of domains for sensors in Google Assistant will include train schedules. If you look at the developer docs for Google Home, the set of sensors is pretty limited. Hope I am wrong or Google moves in new direction with Google Home, however that does seems to be where they are headed. I think a local voice subsystem in Home Assistant will be the best opportunity to be able to query unique sensors and get voice responses or results on a mobile device. Good hunting!