Exposing thermostat attributes via templates

I have a Honeywell Total Connect Comfort thermostat that is integrated via the Honeywell integration
My problem is getting access to the other attributes listed in the developer window. They are listed in this screenshot. How do I structure a template to expose them?

A lot of triggers and conditions can use attributes directly without the need for a template. e.g. the numeric state or state triggers or conditions can all access attributes:

  - platform: numeric_state
    entity_id: climate.thermostat_3
    attribute: 'temperature'
    above: 60

However for a template you would need something like this:

value_template: "{{ state_attr('climate.thermostat_3', 'temperature') }}"

Iā€™d advise you to change your entity id from thermostat_3 to something more descriptive before you start using it in automations and scripts. e.g. climate.lounge_hvac. This can usually be done from the UI in Configuration / Entities.

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