Exposing to Alexa a Script

New to the system, working on trying to get the following to work;

  1. I have a “Entity” that is the iTunes Media Plater (triggers a RESTS API on the Mac)
  2. I created a script to trigger this, works

What I would like is to be able to “Alexa turn on iTunes” and have it play, and like wise turn off to stop.

Any ideas on how to expose this?

2 ways…

  1. Nabu casa and alexa skill

  2. Emulated hue

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Thank You - Working with the Nabu, and I take it there is a way to send this to Nabu? Currently I signed up, connected the HA and Asked ‘Alexa’ to discover my devices, and it found 90 devices, and looking through the list I did not see ether the Entity or the Script.

With Nabu, how do you expose a Script to Alexa?

Create a helper and attach the script

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@sender Thank You for the reply

Went to Configuration > Helper and created a ‘iTunes on’
Went to Scripts > Condition and added Condition, State, input_bolean.itunes_on, and set it to TRUE

did not get discovered.

Appreciate the help, if there is a URL to read through on this, glad to look through it, I am big on RTFM but can not seem to find the magical one on this.


@sender Thank You SO MUCH

I am deleting all my discovered devices, and setting up filters, to make sure I can figure this out. I greatly appreciate the guidance.

p.s. To remove all devices discovered by Amazon Echo

As of Dec 28 2020

Cool! Glad it works!