Ext4-fs error


I’m new to HA, i did a new install on my Rpi4 with SSD drive no SD card.
And first it runs great but after a while i get these errors and parts of HA are not working anymore until i do a reboot. Sometimes it runs 1 days good and after some time these errors return.
I have no idea what is causing this, somebody know what is causing this?

i have a same problem

i already today did like 6 reinstalls but don’t help. I also changed SSD disk but same problem.
Also tried 32bit/64bit debian install and home assistant install.

I did another reinstall but now on a SD card. The system is running like a charm, so I was thinking I swapped the SSD drive and that did not solve the problem. So maybe it is the USB to SATA converter. I’m going to order a different one and try to reinstall the system again on the SSD and see what will happen.

Hello can you tell me if you have solved your problem because I have the same problem I have my ssd connected via usb