Extend disk


I just replaced my 16GB MicroSD with an 128GB MicroSD, I did a backup with Win32DiskImager and flashed the new card with Etcher. Now I need to extend the data disk, I’m not very steady on the disk commands in linux, could someone give med the commands to do it?


Extend in what OS?

The partition storing the data, might only be one? (not several like boot, root/home etc)?

If you are using raspbian, I seem to remember that there is an option in raspbian-config.

If you are not using raspbian, you need to be more specific.

The OS you’re using matters, mate.

If it’s hassio/hassos you don’t really have access to much

If it’s raspbian or hassbian, use the special raspberry commands

Ahh… of course;)

It’s hassio

You should probably just take a snapshot, load it fresh, and restore the snapshot.