Extend Home Assistant OS Partition Size?

Today I moved my Home Assistant instance from a Windows based VirtualBox VM to a bare metal installation on a PC. The move went relatively smoothly and everything seems to work like it did before.

The only issue I’ve come across so far is the size of the HAOS partition. The SSD in my new installation is 512GB. However, Home Assistant is indicating that I’m using ~2% and have ~440GB available. So that that would make the total partition size ~449GB. Is this normal? What happened to the other ~63GB. Any way to recover that unused space? It’s not lost on me that it’s almost exactly twice the size of my original 32GB VM partition. Coincidence?

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:laughing: Nah - I don’t think that’s it. I was previousky running Windows on that PC and wiped out the existing partitions just to avoid this sort of thing. At that point it clearly showed 512GB. I think there are other partitions on the drive OR maybe just unused space. Any way to see this from within HAOS?

I’m fairly new to Home Assistant. I’ve been testing with it in a VM the past couple of weeks prior to committing to the platform.

Yes, that too. For example a boot partition and two times a OS partiton (A/B to role back failed updates).

As we are talking flash storage here all available “space” (flash cells) will be used by the controller - even the non partitioned space!

TL;DR: You did not loose one bit!

Capacity Advertised (Decimal) Unix/ Mac Reported (Decimal) Windows reported (Binary)
500 GB 500 GB 465 GB

I think I found the answer here:

You can expect that the boot/kernel/os partitions are (very) small. In total (without the data partition obviously) they are probably hardly even 2GB in size…