Extend Home Assistant Z-Wave signal to 250+ ft away

I am finally moving over to Home Assistant from SmartThings after using it since version 1. One thing that I have never been able to do is connect my pool house to my main hub. I was wondering the best way to do this with Home Assistant. I came across HomeSeer’s Zwave extender unit and I’m looking to do something similar https://www.amazon.com/HomeSeer-Z-NET-Remote-Z-Wave-Interface/dp/B013YKEMY2/

I am thinking a second raspberry pi and connect via ethernet? How should it be configured? Sorry I am new to Home Assistant and couldn’t find any specific answer to a scenario like this. Trying to control lights out there.


It’s possible to get the signal that far, but… honestly, it’s going to involve multiple powered nodes and some luck.

Instead, I’d suggest sticking a second Pi in the Pool house, with a Z-Wave stick, running Zwave2MQTT in Docker. Then all you need to do is configure both that and HA for MQTT Discovery.

Does pool house have internet/LAN

It would be best to run HA in RasPi at that location and connect devices to that.
Secondly you would use HA API to integrate the pool house instance into main HA. For each switch/sensor you would create template switch /Sensor

If no LAN at pool you could add it using ubiquiti NanostationAC Loco for Point to Point from House to Pool connected to switch or Wifi Access Point(likely wifi will be preferred).

Mqtt works well but when I used this for remote location I occasionally had problem were remote pi would not connect to mqtt server after mqtt server reboot. This was likely solvable but with this I found I always connect OK to remote pi via LAN. As a result I moved to API+template to remove potential fail point. This also gives me some flexibility for how I show remote item in Main Instance.

Yes there is lan there I should have clarified.

Is it possible to run 2 z-wave usb sticks? How about using ethernet to extend usb so I have an antenna out there? Thinking something like this https://www.amazon.com/USB-Extender-Extension-Adapter-Cat5e/dp/B07C2MCJFY/

NO, not from single HA but using (2) docker HA on same host should be possible.
That said, Remote Pi is more reliable as usb over Ethernet adds complexity and reduces flexibility/relaibility

No, but you can put one Pi with a Z-Wave stick out in the pool house, and use Zwave2MQTT to connect it to the main HA instance.