Extend number of devices of sonoff zigbee 3.0 usb dongle

Hi there, My first steps with HA are successfully now and I am busy to extend my system with more Zigbee devices. goal is to automate entire house lights, alarm and garden watering.
Problem I encounter now is that my sonoff ZigBee 3.0 usb dongle plus v2 has 45 devices and every time I try to add an device an other one drops out of the Zigbee mesh. Looking at the specs I see there can be Max 32 devices. Question is there a workarround for this limit? And if not what would be a good replacement with more capabilities?

Use routers. The max of 32 device is for direct children you can connect 200 devices through routers

I have several routers in my mesh. but still it is unstable. so the limit is only for direct devices. May be I should try to change the topology off my mesh. I am not shure how to do that.

What firmware are you running?

My understanding is that the Sonoff stick (CC2652P) running Z-Stack_3.x.0 can have up to 50 direct children,

He’s using the v2 - SILabs EZSP.

Ugh - yep, I see that now - sorry.