Extend OpenSky to display carrier names

It seems that the OpenSky integration is returning the ICAO carrier codes for flights that trigger the sensor to update. Is it possible to leverage the known list of ICAO codes to build some sort of dictionary that would take the input from the OpenSky API and convert it to a more non-AVGeek format?

If the sensor returned SOO3628, that could be output as Southern Air 3628.
From there, we could get really crazy and bundle SVGs of most of the carrier logos so it could be a nice rich display of the overhead flight, carrier name and logo, altitude, observed velocity…

I know we can’t get the larger flight pathing with O&D information, but this feels like a good start to making it a more user friendly display of information.

If there is info out there on how to extend the sensor to do this sort of manipulation, I’d be happy to have someone point me in that direction.