Extend the core backup integration for automation

I really like the new backup integration for the core python and docker version. But it would be very useful if it could be triggered by an automation and throws an event when the backup is complete. This would allow processing the backup further, for example upload it to another server for long time storage.

+1 for this feature. Also adding some service calls to manage backups (e.g. backup.delete). Ideally some parameter that would allow you to remove everything but the latest backup. Right now I’m using inotifywait to monitor the backup directory and upload the new backup to a NAS which is not as stable as I would like.

Another +1 please! I’m running hassio on a raspbery pi. I use an automation to run daily backups and it works flawlessly. I’d love to be able to have an automation delete backups based on a condition (e.g. >30 days old). Thanks!