Extend the Entities card with Attributes (like the single Entity card)

Hey all,

We already have the ability to create a single Entity card and can configure the Atrribute field here. Should be really awesome if the entities card can be edited as well with this attribute feature. So we can put a single object into the entities card with all it’s attributes.


You can. https://www.home-assistant.io/lovelace/entities/#attribute

Though you have to add each attribute you want.

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Thanks a lot! Completely missed that one, I was just looking in the UI part under the edit of the entity itself. But didn’t thought about the custom types in the entities :slight_smile:

I have to grab this older FR out…

Is there a way to work with “nested” attributes, which are in an array?

  - entity: sensor.solaredge_api_meters
  - type: attribute
    entity: sensor.solaredge_api_meters
    attribute: meters

I know, how this can be done in a template - or to write the attribute information into its own sensor…

{{ state_attr('sensor.solaredge_api_meters', 'meters')[0]['manufacturer'] }}
{{ state_attr('sensor.solaredge_api_meters', 'meters')[1]['manufacturer'] }}

but if it would work similar in an entities card, that could save me a lot of work in the configuration.yaml, creating new sensors for each parameter I want to display (since 99% would not change)

The once that might change like a serial number, (if the hardware will be replaced) or firmware version information make sense to write out into their specific sensor…