Extend your Raspberry Pi apps to SmartThings

I’ve developed a package that implements the new SmartThings direct-connected device SDK to enable Pi-based apps to be recognized and fully integrated SmartThings devices.

Monitor and control your app from anywhere using the SmartThings mobile app. It uses a simple, high-level API that frees you from any low-level communications tasks - no certificates or keys to manage, no http, no sockets, no cloud-based code. No need to expose your home network to the internet.

I’m releasing the package to early adopters for testing and feedback. If you are interested, I’d love to hear from you!

If there is anyone from the HA development team reading this, please reach out to me regarding future integration with SmartThings. You probably know the platform is changing and the current integration methods will be sunset. Non-hub connected devices and all SmartApps will have to be hosted on your own platform, i.e. a cloud server. An alternative for Pi users is to use the new direct-connected device SDK API. HA users will need to start planning how they will migrate either way.

Would this be the appropriate mechanism to replace the Groovy created Simulated Alexa Switchs ? or any of the ither virtual devices ?

I don’t have an Edge hub, but plenty of Raspberry Pi’s to play with, lol