Extended Data Sensor v7-v12 PVOutput.org Help

I’ve installed the PVOutput integration and configured. This is working for for the standard sensors v1-v6 but I am unable to get the data from the extended data sensors v7-v12. Is someone able to help with this, please? I’m interested mostly in the Battery SOC% on v10. Can donate to paypal for any successful assistance provided. Thank you.

I don’t think the integration has the extended data implemented.

This thread has some more info about it.

Thank you HASQT, Once step closer. Could you please recommend how I could get this working in HAS or recommend some documentation I can follow to load it.

That is the file from the existing integration, which lacks the extended data.
It needs a feature request on the current Integration.

Probably worth asking on the issues of PVoutput

pvoutput issues

The post I linked also has some info to make yourself a rest sensor in the meantime.
I don’t have an exact example. I don’t use the extended data.

Thank you, I appreciate your help. I have made a feature request here.

Better off making it on the actual integration.

I followed the link provided. Selected “Issues > New Issue > Feature Request”


Did anyone manage to make Extended data V7 - V12 appear in Home Assistant?