Extending content of a a tap and Go

I have a Hot water boost tap and Go card where by the tap boosts the HW for 20 mins. I have a seperate card that shows the temperature. I ideally want one card to constantly display temperature then the tap changes status, Maybe shows the icon go from blue to red.
Is this possibly? My current card is this:

> show_name: true
> show_icon: true
> type: button
> tap_action:
>   action: call-service
>   confirmation: true
>   service: automation.trigger
>   data:
>     skip_condition: true
>   target:
>     entity_id: automation.water_heater_on_test
> entity: automation.water_heater_on_test
> icon: mdi:hot-tub
> icon_height: 70px
> show_state: false
> name: Hot Water