Extending geofencing automation

Hello all.

I’m happy to say that my geofencing solution is working fine (subsequent to a few tweaks)

I would like to extend this functionality to the3 rest of the house.

When it comes too devices and entities no issues.

However i would like to include in the geofencing automation PC and server control. By this i mean WOL and shutdown. I use a switch to WOL and works

I looked at the RPC solution (which does not work me ). I think its because in configuring te addon i do not have usename%password because non of my pcs require login

I would like to extend this functionality to my proxmox server (here i will need UID and PSWRD

I would like to create a seperate switch to shut down the pcs and server

How would i go about this?

thank you very much for the time you are taking to read and respond to this post