Extending Hass usages to more generic skills (not only Home automation)

Hi there!

I’m trying to make a magic mirror / home assistant with data privacy in mind. I started with Snips.ai, then discovered Home Assistant few weeks ago and I’m amazed by how many ready-to-use components we can find here (and by this dev community). I already set up lights and music automation, controlled by voice.

Now I’d like to add a more large set of skills (like Siri, or Google Assistant) and integrate online services, for example :

  • Add a todo in Todoist
  • Read the last news
  • Get my metro schedule
  • Get the weather from any city
  • Add or read a note from Evernote
  • Send a sms to a contact etc.

I understand this isn’t the purpose of Home Assistant, but do you know any good opensource project that would help to achieve this without redeveloping every component myself ?


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