Extending the range of the Remote <-> Harmony Hub

I recently bought a Samsung TV. I hid all the wires in the walls and have the Hub and the TV’s “one connect box” in a 19" rack in the basement. The one connect box has all the guts in it (hdmi inputs, lan, etc …) and just a fibre optic cable with electrical on it running to the TV. The rack is located directly below the Family Room (where the TV is mounted above the fireplace).

When I stand above the floor where the rack is located, the remote works fine. If I go further into the room (for instance, sit on the couch), I occasionally get errors on the remote that it is unable to connect to the hub. When that happens, activities kinda work but don’t always finish sending or send the right commands.

I don’t want to see the hub. It needs to be in the rack as thats where all the brains sit (the one connect box).


Is there a way to extend the range of the hub?