Extensive roller shutter control including shading

Hello all,

I have extended my old Blueprint for controlling roller shutters a bit and also added a practical function for shading.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

So now a roller shutter can be controlled depending on:

  • brightness value
  • working day / non-working day
  • Resident of the room
  • time window (earliest, latest)
    morning and evening.
    A ventilation mode is also supported if the shutter belongs to a window/door with a corresponding sensor.

For shading are supported:

  • Sun position (azimuth and elevation)
  • Brightness value (possible independently of the upper one)
  • two temperature sensors (e.g. outdoor and indoor temperature or differential temperature sensor)
  • Temperature forecast sensor

Christmas mode is also supported (do not close in the evening if certain criterion is given)

Feel free to try it out. Runs with me with >20 shutters so far largely without problems.

2023-09-13: First release
2023-09-18: fix closing bug with brightness_sensor. small clean-up.