External Access Disabled Message

I am using the following equipment/software:

Mini PC (AMD Ryzen 9, 32 GB DDR5, 1 TB SSD, 4X USB3.2, 2X USB4, 2X HDMI 2.1, WiFi 6E)
Windows 11
VMware Workstation Pro 17.0 for Personal Use (Windows)
HomeSeer 800 Series SmartStick G8 LR
Z-Wave JS UI

I have HA installed and working on the VMware virtual machine. I’ve been able to access/control my newer Philips Hue and Leviton devices in HA without any issues. And more recently, I have my Z-Wave integration working and all of my old HomeSeer devices moved to Home Assistant.

However, I can only access HA on the Mini PC. Under Settings > System > Network, the message “External access disabled” is displayed (and probably always has).

I would eventually like to set up access through a VPN, but my instinct is that I need this issue fixed in HA first. Is that correct? Is there something I need to do in one of the configuration files? Other than adding firmware = “efi” to the VMX file, I have not directly edited any HA files.

I’ve attached a couple of screen grabs of my network hardware adapter settings in the VM in case there is an issue there.

As I said, everything seems to be working great locally on the Mini-PC/VM. I just have no external access.

Thanks for your help.

Did I perhaps post this message in the wrong forum?

At least one network adapter needs to be in bridge mode.

Hi, check the post below