External access impossible... sometimes

Hi everybody !

i’ve got trouble… I have a simple access to my HA with a forwarding to 8123 and it works sometimes.

I have no troubles when I’m connected on the wifi but when I try an external access, sometimes it works, and sometimes not !
For example this week it works for 1 days (saturday), and suddenly the next connection is impossible…
I don’t understand !!

Did you had any trouble like this ?

thank you !

Are you sure your IP is fixed? Some service providers will change your IP.

Also, what are you accessing from? Some firewalls (your place of work, public wifi) will block the outbound request for port 8123. Typically they only allow a few ports.

I always try to access with a smartphone (android or ios) !
But no, my IP isn’t fixed ! After verification I always have the same public IP !

Wouldn’t it be simpler and safer to setup OpenVPN on your router? That’s how I handle external connections.

I never used vpn…
need I always to forward port on my router after ?
And if I install a vpn, could I access to my HA with my local adress 192.168.X.X ?

This last point is important to me, because my dash buttons send http requests on 192.168.X.X and I have differents servers which use this process to talk with HA.

thank you !

My setup is the following:

Internet -> modem -> router -> internal network

The modem does nothing more than forward all trafic to the router. The router then blocks all connections coming from the outside world EXCEPT OpenVPN. My router is running Tomato as firmware which makes setting up a VPN a breeze. The router also sends the public IP to dyndns.org so that I do not have to worry about changes to my external IP.

I’ve got news !
It was my router which had a wrong behavior !
I changed it and it’s ok !!