External access not working


I have a problem with external access to my hassio.

If I access xxxx.myduckdns.org connected to my local network, it is successful.
But if I access outside my local network, an error occurs

I have a router connected to another router
External Router Config:

Internal Router Wifi Config:


If I access to, it works too.

Can someone help me? Please

Why two routers ? If you can avoid double NAT, always do!

The first router belongs to my ISP, the second is an Asus Lyra

I would also suggest not using two routers. Why not use DMZ ports on your ISP router

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I have two routers too. One VDSL/router combo from my ISP, and my own. But my own router creates its own PPOE session, so the router part of my ISP box is not used.

I do have a similar setup at home; ISP Router -> My Own Router -> Hassio.

I did setup a DMZ node on the ISP Router, the DMZ node is the WAN interface of My Own Router. This basically means that all incoming traffic is being forwarded to My Own Router. At this point i have to make port-forward only once.

I don’t know if your “DMZ Function” on the External router will do the same. But if it does, it means that you will have to do the port-forward on your internal router. (443 -> 8123)

Hope this will help you! Good luck my man. :four_leaf_clover:

I don’t know much about networks but it should work the same as port forwarding, right?
What also does not fit me is that duckdns works if I connect to wifi network.
Anyway, I’m going to setup DMZ.
I hope to have good news soon.
Thanks to everyone.

I have configured DMZ on my ISP router and it works. Although logically now I have to add the port (xxx.duckdns.org:8123). I have tried configuring on my own router port forwarding 8123 -> 433 but It not working. Anyway I am happy. Thank you all.

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