External Bluetooth dongle for HA

Hey i have a metallic electric cabinet,
this will impact the bluetooth performance of the PI

any solution for long distance external bluetooth dongle?

Run a USB cable somewhere out the cabinet and connect to an external dongle. Tons of options available, just make sure the chipset works with Linux and you’re good.

so not sue regard you answer…

  1. can you recommend fro dongle which should work properly?
  2. How to disable the internal module and use the external one?

You can quite literally take your pick of the one you like… This is just a quick search on amazon.

As for disabling the bluetooth, this is what I found in the documentation (link to the doc): to disable the on-board Bluetooth since the board requires the use of the hardware UART (and there’s only one on the Pi3). You do this by adding the following to the end of /boot/config.txt :


how to setup the new dongle to work directly with the pi? HA?

Hey any setup required for the external one?

so i bought a u green but it cannot be detected by the HA…

OBJECTIVE install BT dongle in Hass.io running on docket in Debian in Proxmox LVM
a) In Proxmox check for USB devices and take a screenshot via “lsusb”
b) Install USB dongle to machine and check additions via “lsusb”
c) In Proxmox passthrough the USB to the required VM- make sure you assign to new USB port (say if port 0 and 1 are already assigned to other USB then use next available which is 2)
d) STOP and start the target VM in Proxmox
e) Now in VM -consol check USB “lsusb”. Note: It may be good to check this before installing new USB devices so you know of the changes
f) Make a note of the USB port assigned so that next time you add a USB you do not overide which make all entities goes missing for previously installed USB
g) To get USB dongle working even in hassl.io as I have installed it on Debian use this command in proxmox-> HA VM->concol
sudo apt install bluetooth

From <https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/bluetooth_le_tracker/> 

h) Now or even before add the component switchbot to config
 - platform: switchbot 
    mac: 'MAC_ADDRESS'

MAC address can be found in the switbot app-> for each device configured pressing settings icong  and then tapping … in right hand top corner. Type mac address simple letters
From <https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/switchbot/>