External display for RTL_433 MQTT devices (temp,humidity, battery,pressure)

I use several (cheap) sensors on 433MHz and home-assistant works fine with them.
but i thought it should be easier for me to check for example temperature of one or more sensor(s)
without checking with PC or grabbing with my mobile.
My solution is at last very easy but it takes some time to configure it.
Minimum you need an ESP8266 Wemos D1 mini compatible , a LCD2004 with I2C interface installed
and a power supply.
It uses Wlan to connect to the HA MQTT broker.
The base version is able to show the values of up to 20 sensors either with timed sensor change
or (with optinal installed button) sensor change on button pressed.i
I need some days from now to clean up the source code and add some text for configuring it.
if someone is interested in, please let me know, then i will the publish it when ready.
here an example image, taking while switching the sensors automatically:

Is there a reason you didn’t use esphome?

Home assistant works great with my different sensors using rtl_433 and MQTT,
rtl_433 supports a lot of sensors and some places work better with 433MHz than WLan here and that are the only reasons.