External mosquitto

Is it possible to use an external mosquitto installation with home assistant, or do I need to run the official add on? I have a docker container running with mosquitto already, and it seems it should be possible to point HA at it directly?
Alternatively, if I have mosquitto running inside home assistant as an add in, can I use it as a broker for external applications as well?
The docker installation is running on the same raspberry pi as home assistant.


Install the MQTT integration and point it to your running, external Mosquitto instance.

Thank you - that was a quick response!

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So if you point the HASS MQTT integration to an external MQTT Broker the HASS one will not act a a broker itself? If you leave it configured as “core-mosquitto” it will be configured as a Broker?

Just trying to wrap my head around this. I would also like to user an external broker instead of the HASS one so that I can share it among other devices as well.

I am sorry, but I use Home Assistant Container, not Home Assistant OS. So there is not MQTT “add-on” for me.