External pull up resistor

I have an ESP32 connected to my doorbell button and the GPIO is bouncing round all over even with the internal pull up resistor enabled. I want to try an external resistor to see if this helps but wanted to check what to do at the config level. Do I remove the internal pull up text from the config or leave it in ?

  - platform: gpio
    id: button
    name: Doorbell Button
      # Connected to GPI22 on the ESP32.
      number: GPIO16
      mode: INPUT_PULLUP
      inverted: true
      # Small filter, to debounce the button press.
      - delayed_on: 25ms
      - delayed_off: 25ms


It shouldn’t affect anything by leaving it. I’ve had a similar issue and I was lazy and just increased my filter.

Have you disconnected the original doorbell wiring? In the USA, most doorbells are powered by a low voltage AC power supply. Thus, one can not simply connect an ESP32’s digital IO pin to the existing wiring.

Hi - yes I have, it’s all removed so essentially just 3 meters of cable connected to the GPIO and gnd OC. Tried a number of different inputs all still the same. Also tried a new run of cat6 cable but still bounces around.

I have read to start with a 10k resistor, does this sound OK?