External python module and integration development in a container

What is the best practice to work on the external python module used by an integration when you use the remote development in a container with VSC.
By default the container mount the Home Assistant git folder. How to mount and manage a the external module used by an integration?

I’ve done it by adding an argument in the runArgs dict in devcontainer.json.

"runArgs": [
		"-e", "GIT_EDTIOR='code --wait'",
		"-v", "/PATH_TO_REPO/sampleclient:/root/local-home/sampleclient"

I’m not sure it’s the best way as this solution rely on modifying a file manage by git for a specific and local configuration. I don’t expect to commit my modification.

Any comment ?

Other issue, I have in my additional mounted folder an empty folder with the name of the local git root directory.
I don’t know why !