External Solar Panels from the provider


Where I live, it is possible to buy solar panels, which are then installed on public buildings. You then get a free amount of energy per square meter per year from the grid.

In my case, I get 800 kWh per year for free (as it is the estimated production of “my” solar panels).

Is there a way to integrate this information into Home Assistant?


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I am sorry but I can’t assist with your poblem. However I am fascinated as to the program of purchasing
solar panels you speak of. What country?

I live in Zurich (Switzerland). The provider (EWZ) is offering 1 m2 for 250 CHF (for 20 years) and will give you 80 kWh per year. The panels are then placed on public buildings (a school in my case).

See the details (in German): https://www.ewz.ch/ewz-solar/de/startseite.html?aa_cmp=mailing_sales_solarkampagne2022_neukunden_test_A_all-devices_mailing_014&sap-outbound-id=0BC9BCBDACEAF0374B0F782970204FFEB2BBA377#/bestellen

The cost is low (for Zurich): 12.5 CHF per year for 80 kWh is 0.15625 per kWh (which more or less corresponds to the tariff during the night)

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thanks for the info. Very interesting. good luck

Yes, there is a possibility :slight_smile:

Here what I did:

  1. I installed PowerCalc (GitHub - bramstroker/homeassistant-powercalc: Custom component to calculate estimated power consumption of lights and other appliances) which allows to install virtual power sensors in HA.
  2. I added a PowerCalc-Integration of type “daily fixed” called EWZsolar. I set the unit to “W” and entered 45.7 as value (as we bought 5m^2 solar cells) and I calculated the Power of 9.13W/m^2 linearly out of the 80kWh/year/m^2.
  3. In the configuration of the energy dashboard I added “EWZsolar energy” to “Back to the grid” (“Zurück zum Netz”).

I now see my energy consumption and the amount of energy “our” solar cells have produced:


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Thanks! A clean and nice solution!