External URL navigation on Loveless Details pop up

The MQTT auto discovery feature with homeassistant could benefit from adding support for navigating to an external url from the loveless details pop up window…

On the details tab when you hoover over the name it shows you the last changed state. It would be nice if clicking on the name can take you to a configurable external url or just the ip address that mqtt integration reports. I do have a lot of these MCUs that have their own configuration websites UI accessible by their default ip address: http://192.168.x.x.
If the current mqqt device ip address could also show when you hoover that would be added bonus. At the moment have to go to the mqqt logs to look for ip addresses.

I made a similar request in the past and was told it would be in the next release but looks like it may have been lost or something, I tried to search for it and could not find the current status.