External URL option missing in config?

Hi, have installed the latest version of HA os. There seems to be nowhere I can set an external url anymore - all i can do is configure local or enable nabu.

What’s going on here? Am I missing something really obvious.

Hi !

This is normally available in general settings : Link to General Settings – My Home Assistant

Do you have advanced mode enabled ? (this is in your user profile)

Do you have the cloud integration enabled ? (I can set external and internal without cloud integration enabled, so maybe this is it ?) Cloud integration is also default loaded by default_config “integration” : Default Config - Home Assistant

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Hello, yes I do have advanced mode on.

This is what I see now. Pretty sure when I was on the docker version from ~6 months ago there were two options here - one internal and the other external. With the full VM option I only see a local option and a link to the paid service?

Same for me. Probably from last supervisor update?

any news on this topic ?

I see it here in network settings. That page looks like this for me, you can see I have options to set the URL for internet and local network:

Although just an FYI I’m on 2022.5 so if you haven’t updated yet that my link will likely take you to a different place with different options. I thought prior to 2022.5 it was in general settings but I can’t easily check that anymore.

I confirm that with new version 2022.05.0 the attribute is again available in the network section

Thank You