External users provider

I have a very specific need for Home Assisant: ability to have external authentication. Here’s my situation:

I’m a landlord and I rent rooms on a month-by-month basis. I’m using Home Assistant to automate many things, specially the thermostats in the rooms and the codes of the entrance. I already have some automations to prevent them from opening the window when the heating is on during the winter. It also lower the temperature in the room when it’s not rented. That is working well… but I want to go further: I want to give them some dashboard for their room and some common shared areas for all tenants.

I’m using TenantCloud and already developed some automations, for example to send en email to the current room tenant and to know when the room is not rented. But I would like to go further and give them access to a Lovelace dashboard. But for that, I need:

  • An easy way to create/authenticate the user externally and/or to create the user from an API
  • An easy way to restrict that user to access only its own room and shared space page on lovelace

Any suggestions ? Is there an API I can call externally to create users and give them access to some groups?