External Venetian blind tilt position? (Somfy IO, Velux KLF 200, PyVLX)

I have few external Venetian blinds with Somfy IO motors.
I have bought a Velux KLF 200 gateway to be able to integrate them with HA.
Somfy does not provide any integration method without connecting to their cloud service so if I would start over again I would definitely avoid Somfy IO-homecontrol products!
but it is too late…

I have added the settings needed for the velux compontet to the configuration.yaml file.

After this I can move up and down all my external Venetian blinds with HA but I can’t change the tilt position of the blinds.

I have tried to call different Cover Control Services on my external Venetian blinds and the following are working fine:


but the following are NOT working:


Investigating further the issue it seems from the VELUX component code that the last 3 Cover Control Services are not supported in the Velux component code.

"""Support for Velux covers."""
from homeassistant.components.cover import (

Am I right?
Does anyone have a solution for this issue?
Do I need to modify the VELUX component to support the manipulation of the tilt position?
Does PyVLX support the manipulation of the tilt position of external Venetian blinds?

My KLF200 firmware version:
My HA version: 0.98.5

do you find any solution for that issue ?

Somfy official API has been extremely unreliable recently - did any of you found a way to avoid using cloud services? I checked the Velux integration code and it still cannot set tilt position.

How did you add the somfy motors to the velux KLF200? Can they be controlled locally?

I had Todo with the those cables that were supplied with it and then link the remote