External watchdog / weekly restart for HA supervised

I have HA supervised. Sometimes (specially when I’m away) I find out that HA is not running but I can connect to the server via ssh or remote desktop… sometimes not even that, because there’s a problem with the old crappy router I have (that needs to be restarted often).

So I made two scripts (part in bash, part in python) called watchdog and weekly restart. I use crontab in Debian to run them every hour and every week respectively; if something goes wrong, watchdog restarts the HA service, the server or the router, and weekly_restart does its part of cleaning the router memory. You can check the txt log to know what went wrong and the actions taken.


The scripts are independient of HA (why? No HA, no trigger to restart!), but I would like to manually trigger them if I want, from HA… any ideas?