Externally powering an ESP32

At the moment I’m experimenting with a ESP32. I made a solution earlier with a ESP32 and feeding it via the 5 Volt and Ground pin. When I’m trying this now, it’s not comming online. The red LED is illuminatd. I’m using a lab power supply, so that must be OK (checked it with the scoop). Feeding via the USB works. Anyone has the same problem, or even better. knows what’s going wrong.

What board? And please post its circuit schematic.

diymore ESP32 Devkit V4 Development Board NodeMcu WLAN CP2102 ESP32 Wroo Microcontroller Bluetooth-module. This is what Amazon tells me. Sorry, but a schematic I can’t find.

How about a schematic of the wiring you added around it (i.e. the 5V and Gnd wires)? Maybe the dev-board’s pinout - should be part of its dox.

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I connected the 5 volt to the 5 Volt pin and the minus to the GND pin besides the 5 volt. This is marked so on the board. If I however look on some pictures of similer boards I see that this is the CMD pin! Could it be possible that there is a print error on the board?

It’s possible, but unlikely that it’s mislabeled.
Here’s a simple test:
Power it using USB.
While it’s running, test voltage between gnd and the pin labeled 5V.
If you get 5V, then it’s probably not mislabeled.

Well, it’s mislabelled. On the board there is GND on both sides, but it has to be CMD. I used an other GND and voila, it works. The boards are cheap and handy, but it remanes crap. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for you help.

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Just to show the error: