Extra high amp (75) relays (z-wave or zigbee)

I’d like to stick a relay in my hot tub circuit, because it sometimes trips. If this happens in the winter, it can lead to frozen pipes and a lot of damage. The hot tub draws up to 75A when both pumps start. I think it’s in the range of 30-50A otherwise, but I’m not sure.

I’ve only seen relays in the 10A range. Does anything like this exist??

Don’t know how complete or up to date this is, but it’s a starting point.

I’ve also shopped around for high amperage Z-Wave / Zigbee and it’s pretty hard to find. There are some DIY routes as well where you can use a smart device to control a larger relay that takes care of this. Anyway, if you can find out exactly what the amperage is for your two pumps then you might find one of these off-the-shelf heavy duty units useful:

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For anything with high amperage, I use a correctly sized contactor and a separate HA relay to toggle the contactor.

As an example I cut off my hot tub heater when electricity rates are high (peak periods - but keep the circulation pump running)

Relay: Sonoff Basic
Contactor: https://a.aliexpress.com/_mOHxodW

Various voltages (AC240, AC120, DC) are available for the contactor relay so it will easily adapt to your HA “toggle” relay.