Extra keys not allowed at trigger

Ok. found a typo.

16-04-30 09:49:29 homeassistant.bootstrap: Invalid platform config for [automation]: extra keys not allowed @ data['trigger'][0]['entitity_id']. OrderedDict([('alias', 'Good Night'), ('trigger', OrderedDict([('platform', 'state'), ('entitity_id', 'switch.fibaro_system_fgwpe_wall_plug_switch_39'), ('to', 'off')])), ('condition_type', 'or'), ('condition', [OrderedDict([('platform', 'time'), ('after', '23:00:00')]), OrderedDict([('platform', 'time'), ('before', '06:00:00')])]), ('action', OrderedDict([('service', 'scene.turn_on'), ('entity_id', 'scene.good_night')]))])

Anybody has an idea what is wrong with this configuration for my automation?

- alias: "Good Night"
    platform: state
    entitity_id: switch.fibaro_system_fgwpe_wall_plug_switch_39
    to: 'off'
  condition_type: or
    - platform: time
      after: '23:00:00'
    - platform: time
      before: '06:00:00'
    service: scene.turn_on
    entity_id: scene.good_night

found a typo. sorry… good however to see it on a web page and not only in vim editor…