Extract historical data from sensor

I’m a new user to Home Assistant, what an awesome product! :smiley:

Is it possible to extract sensor data to a card in the same way as the data is presented with the built in history view of each sensor?

I’d like to show “Todays” and “Yesterdays” steps for each user. I’d prefer not to create template-sensors manually for each.


If you want to be flexible…I’d recommend apexcharts (hacs).

Not sure I understand the question, but would a History Graph card work? I’ve got one that shows some of my temperature sensors all on the same card:
There’s an “hours to show” selection, so you should be able to go back as far as your recorder retention period allows.

I’d like to just simply show the increment of the sensor for example , yesterday, today or last week.
Without having to create new sensors fir each value.