Extracting information from a web page


I’m not well versed in coding etc. Is there anyway to retrieve only specific information from a web page. For example, I want to take the table from this web page and display inside a view in home assistant. I’ve hunted through some bits like scrape sensor, but unsure if that would work. Holding someone could confirm if it’s possible or if I’m just easing my time.

Thanks in advance

Hi @AnthonyD
As a quick win maybe just iframe in lovelace would work for you?
It will load a page as you see it. Just provide there a link to a league table

Thanks frkos, this is what I currently have. The only problem is moving the iframe to get as much of the table as possible in. I’ve seen people bring up a tv guide now/next as a table which looks awesome but I’m not too sure what I’m looking at when I view the source html of a website to make any head way by creating sensors to display this way. May just have to scrap the idea and stick with what I have

You could also try to add the table as a panel

Or use a simple web link