Extreme disk I/O since core 2022.3.x - MariaDB causes it


I’m using HA since 2 years in an ESXi VM on one of my Dell R720, so plenty of power. It’s the official image with HASSOS, I’ve assigned 4 vCPU and 4GB of RAM.

In the last weeks I’m suffering from extreme disk IO, even more as one of my Nextcloud VM’s doing a full file scan:

This is driving me nuts. Any ideas?

I’ve already set the commit_interval of the recorder to 10 for a test (it was always 1 with no issues before), but that did not change anything.

Update: Trying more, I found it’s the MariaDB addon. Even with the recorder fully disabled, the disk I/O stays that crazy. Diabling the MariaDB addon, disk I/O returns to “very relaxed”.

Does anyone have a clue why MariaDB gone mad even with the recorder fully commented out?