Extreme high end home assistant home

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i have a question regarding a super high end smart home for a client. we normally provide KNX systems with Thinknx visulisation. now we want to expand it to the home assistant visulisation but there are a few tricky questions i have. since our clients want the best of the best we will build a special server for them with 10gig ethernet and all the modern specs a high end server should have. this will hopefully expand the number of devices to be connected without loss of performance (yes i know a small NUC will do fine but they want the best there is). now is the question is home assistant even build for these kind of large homes? here is a list of devices that will be added:

300 smart bulbs
50 smart plugs
5 smart tvs
30 sonos speakers
15 shutters
5 smart curtains
6 cameraโ€™s
12 smart locks
and some other stuff like an elevator and swimming pool.

i dont think manyof you here have a smart home of this size but if you do please let me know if you experience any kind of latency.

sorry for the mediocre english.

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Have a look here :wink: Who have more than 150-200 devices and what it's like?