Extreme spikes in Zigbee smartplugs

Recently I have been experiencing some huge spikes in my smartplugs power usage. For some reason sometimes a smartplugs spikes to a random high value and then goes back to the actual value it was before. So far I have 2 smartplugs from different brands that done this. An aqara smartplug and a blitzwolf smartplugs both connected to Zigbee using Zigbee2mqtt.

Does anyone have an idea what causes this?

See picture below.

Because of this the energy integration also picks up these spikes and counts the usage to that device. In which the yearly power usage becomes inaccurate and useless

I know this is an old topic but I have regularly the same issue. I am using the conbee 2 stick and deconz.
I have an automation to detect the anomaly and it pops up a persistent notification to mention which plug has the anomaly.
Then I have to go in the mariadb and correct the data.

UPDATE statistics SET sum = sum - ([the first huge value] - [the last good value]) WHERE metadata_id = <id> AND sum > [the last good value]
and same query for the statistics_short_term table.

I thought that this is the plug type Heiman but others seems to have the same issue so is unlikely to be a zigbee firmware issue.
Can anyone explain if this issue could be in the zigbee coordinator software side of it or to Home Assistant etc?

Many thanks